Better BPD Relationships by Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds
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Here's what you're getting in this course when you order right now:

  • The main eBook featuring the most advanced, relevant, up-to-date training to that gives you the best chance of a better BPD relationship.
  • 12 hours of MP3 audio tracks for additional training (one per each section of the book)
  • 60-minute BPD question & answer audio podcast (mp3 format)
  • Three additional Q&A podcast recordings (almost 4 hours)
  • Relationship Mindsets & Values course (80-minute audio mp3)
  • Toxicity Bonus eBook
  • Email me and get your personal questions answered (details in the book)

Table of Contents to give you an idea:

Section 1: Foundations of the System

Section 2: The Game Has Changed

Section 3: Attitude and Mentality

Section 4: The Ego

Section 5: Positive Thinking

Section 6: Codependency to Independence

Section 7: The Power of Self-Respect

Section 8: The Self-Concept

Section 9: The Self-Ideal

Section 10: Self-Esteem

Section 11: All About Emotions

Section 12: Love Withheld

Section 13: Fear

Section 14: Unlearning Negative Habits

Section 15: Reprogramming Your Mind

Section 16: Positive Habits and Desire

Appendix I: Questions & Answers

Appendix II: Foundational Pillars

Appendix III: The Power of Visualization

Appendix IV: Affirmations

As you can see, this is a pretty large book. It's designed for you to consume one section per day. This will have you complete the book within a few weeks.

Each section also contains an audio recording to further the lessons. These are NOT the written book in audio form -- these recordings are further lessons and discussions about the sections.

The audio training recordings are NOT scripted (which is a good thing because you get to see how my mind operates).

Many key lessons are found in the audios.

Four Additional Q&A Recordings

In addition to the audio recordings for each section, you also get 4 more additional mp3 recordings where I answer questions about BPD and other relationship topics.

From time to time, I gather a bunch of questions and record a podcast answering questions.

I've been told several times how these recordings alone are worth more than the price of the course.

That's the intention: to make this course worth 10 times the price you pay.

"Relationship Mindsets & Values" audio course

This is an audio recordings that I used to sell independently for $39.

Now, you can only get it when you purchase this course.

The reason I've bundled it with this course is due to the fact that mindsets are THE most important thing when it comes to healthy, fulfilling relationships.

So, in this 90-minute audio you'll get a "crash course" of the most important mindsets and values you must develop.

Buy developing your mindsets into the ones that I teach, you'll put yourself into a much better position to make your BPD relationship healthier and better.

"Toxicity" Bonus eBook

This is the second book I wrote a few years ago that some people believe to be my best work.

The reason I no longer sell it independently is simply due to the fact that I don't want to have a lot of products. I'd rather have you buy my BPD course and get everything else. It's just better that way, in my opinion.

Anyway, this book is longer than the Better BPD Relationships book.

Therefore, I don't recommend you dive into this book until you've gone through the BPD course in its entirety.

Also, you should familiarize yourself with the relationship mindsets from the audio course I mentioned above.

Once you've gone through all of the course material, then you're prepared for this book.

You'll get an advanced, indepth look at what it takes to develop not only a healthy, fulfilling relationship, but a life that's full of success and love as well.

My entire attitude and way of living is based off of what I teach in this book.

I do hope you end up reading this book, but please go through the other material before doing so.

Here's some more random bullet points that are taught in the BPD course:

  • The TRUTH about love and why so many people get this wrong. (This little-known fact can change your entire outlook on your relationship)
  • Why people who have BPD really aren't that different from you and me. (And why you must change the way you see your partner).

  • Borderlines are very emotional individuals. As a result, you often fall into this common trap which only makes you look worse.

  • What to do when your partner is giving you the silent treatment, is ignoring your calls or texts, and basically treating you like garbage. (it’s counter-intuitive, but my method works when you put it into action).

  • Most people place too much weight on words. As a result, they don’t get the commitment they expect. (Here’s what you should be doing instead.)

  • Why those who try to be the hero often end up getting ZERO. (This is one of my favorite lessons and it’s one of the most important lessons you’ll learn in the entire book)

  • How you can actually move the relationship forward beyond the Honeymoon Period. (you’ll learn why a Borderline fears love and closeness – and what to do about this).

  • Why your partner pushes you away when you try to show him/her your love. (and what you should be doing instead).

  • Why I don't have the trouble of dating Borderlines in this day and age. (It's true, and you will learn exactly what my mindset is that allows me to achieve this success with "crazy" women)

  • The #1 attribute women REALLY want in a man. (This one reason is why so many men struggle in their relationships)

  • How to program your subconscious so that it works at accomplishing all of your goals. (You might wonder how this could help your relationship. You'll learn how VITAL goals are to the success of your BPD relationship)

  • How to STOP WALKING ON EGGSHELLS and crush your fears once and for all. (There is a much deeper problem here at work and I'll teach you how to handle it)

  • What you must do to actually be DIFFERENT in a DESIRABLE way that keeps your partner connected to you forever. (This one shift in thinking is what brought me much of my relationship success to this day)

  • Why most people NEVER get back the love they try so hard to give. (This common habit is one of the worst! Yet almost everybody does it...)

  • The REAL way to unlock your full potential and get what you want in your relationship. (I'll teach you how to dive DEEP into yourself which unlocks your full power - and you better believe that this is incredibly attractive!)

  • Exactly why the mainstream relationship & dating industry is scamming you for your hard-earned money. (I've known many of these "experts" over the years and they're nothing but talk)

  • A brand new Question & Answer section and audio where I discuss common topics such as gaslighting, hot/cold behavior, rejection, rage and so on. (I also recorded a 45-minute bonus audio discussing even more questions!)

  • Why you must ignore what your partner says she wants, and instead give her what she needs. (This program will give you these answers.)

  • Why many women can't seem to get commitment from their Borderline male partner. (If you overlook this, you'll always end up hurt.)

  • You'll learn what most men do that results in his partner pushing him away and losing complete interest.

  • How to communicate verbally and non-verbally so that your partner takes you seriously. (Your partner will realize that you're the best they'll ever have.)

  • The truth about attraction and why most people (especially men) can't seem to hold on to it.

  • How to make your partner work for you and earn your love. (Get this right and you'll never have to worry about your partner leaving you).

  • One of my favorite quotes that can change the course of your relationships. (I love inspirational quotes, but this one is a real mind-bender.)

  • Why being stable, understanding, available and sensitive does nothing for the growth of the relationship. (More shattering of the common relationship "facts" that you've been told all your life.)

  • The #1 key to relationship success with a Borderline has nothing to do with treatment or therapy or whatever. (Again, this goes against everything else out there that the "experts" think is correct.)

  • Why being kind and "nice" usually makes things worse and what you should do instead. (and what you should be doing instead that causes gut attraction & desire for you in lustful ways...)

  • Our society and the media are constantly at work to brainwash you and keep you from improving. You'll learn why in the new update. (It has to do with money, like always.)

  • Why dating & relationships in our current society is much more complex and confusing than it used to be. (And this goes way beyond personality disorders.)

  • The "new rules" of what it takes to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a Borderline. (6 rules to be exact)

  • Your world view of relationships most likely differs from your partner. (You'll learn how Borderline's look at the world -- and it's much different than you.)

  • Why do Codependents often end up dating a Borderline? You’ll learn why.

  • Many women have this same, common experience when dating males with BPD. (When you continue to do this, you often hurt yourself more in the end.)

  • Why these new changes will bring about a change in your relationship. (and what to do if your partner reacts to you in a negative way).

  • And a whole lot more...

Free Updates

You get FREE updates for LIFE.

Whenever I add new audios or update the actual book, you will be notified by email.

Simply follow the links in the email and you'll be able to download the new files.

- Rick Reynolds

  • Click the button above to buy the "Better BPD Relationships" ebook along with all the included bonuses. You'll be taken to the download page immediately after purchase.

  • Click the button above to buy the "Better BPD Relationships" ebook along with all the included bonuses. You'll be taken to the download page immediately after purchase.


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